Car insurance information | What is CAR INSURANCE? | Benefits of CAR INSURANCE | Types of CAR INSURANCE

Car insurance information | What is CAR INSURANCE? | Benefits of CAR INSURANCE | Types of CAR INSURANCE

Car insurance policy

Car insurance is legally a compulsory insurance, and therefore it becomes very important for us to understand the answers to some important questions related to car insurance, such as -

  • Is it necessary to get car insurance? If yes then why?
  • What are the benefits of Car Insurance?
  • What are the types of Car Insurance?
  • And what car insurance should you take?
So let's know first of all in this post today -


Car insurance is a type of insurance to compensate for the loss of a third party from important car related events such as accident, theft or any kind of accident and to protect yourself from financial loss from such accidental incidents. Is a protective shield,

The person insuring the car insures that value from the insurance company on the basis of the value of the car (insured declared value), and instead insures it to the insurance company, based on the price declared for the purpose of the car insurance Premium fee has to be paid,

For example, if the insured declared value of the car is 5 lakhs, then the insurance can be made up to 5 lakhs, and based on this 5 lakhs of insurance, he has to pay a premium,

It is to be noted that the lower the insured declared value, the lower its premium and if the insured declared value is higher, the higher the insurance premium,

Why is CAR INSURANCES so important?

In such a situation, if you do not have car insurance, and in the event that your car is damaged, then the cost of repairing it can have a very bad effect on your financial condition,

A car is a property and the damage to the car is due to the theft of a car or burning due to fire or any other reason - the loss of your property,

So in such a situation, it is better to insure the car, so that you can avoid such losses,


  1. Damage due to damage to the car,
  2. Compensation for loss due to car theft, fire, accident, riots, natural disasters like lightning, earthquake etc.
  3. Benefits of personal accident insurance
  4. Compensation for pecuniary liability arising in the event of injury to a third party involved in an accident, or in the event of death or loss of property.


If the protection available in car insurance is kept in mind, then there are mainly two types of car insurance -

  • ZERO DEP CAR INSURANCE - This is called zero depreciation insurance, the total cost of your car is insured on taking such an insurance, and if you make a claim, you get the entire cost from the company,
In this, every year reduction in the value of your car is not important, so the amount of insurance you have taken, if full loss is claimed, then the benefit of full loss compensation, and the insurance company will bear all the costs. is,

  • WITHOUT ZERO DEP CAR INSURANCE - called Without Zero Depreciation Insurance or NORMAL CAR INSURANCE, the insurance company takes into account the reduction in the price of the car every year,
And at the time, the loss of the car is claimed, compensates for the expense, keeping in mind the depreciation in the price of the car,

In this way, without zero depreciation insurance, you are not fully compensated for LOSS,

Which car insurance should you take?

Now come to your main question - what kind of insurance policy should you take, the answer is - you can choose better car insurance, keeping in mind your personal financial planning, risk taking ability,

As we have seen - ZERO DEP CAR INSURANCE covers your total loss by the insurance company, but it costs a little more than normal,

While the LOWS COVER in WITHOUT ZERO DEP CAR INSURANCE is based on a reduction in the price of the car, its cost (premium) is less than the ZERO DEP CAR INSURANCE,

So the final decision is on you - keeping in mind your needs, you can choose a better insurance policy,

so friends,

In today's post, I talked to you in detail about Car Insurance, if you have any questions related to this post, you can comment and ask,

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