( Secret Tricks ) Increase WhatsApp status view, tricks and hacks 2020

Increase WhatsApp status view, tricks and hacks 2020

Whatsapp status how it's work

With WhatsApp status you can share Text Msg, Photos, videos and disappear automatically after 24 hours.

How to get Whatsapp Status views ?

In order to increase Whatsapp Status views, it is necessary to have a lot of contacts in your contact book. If you have lots of contacts saved in your contact, then you and your friend can get lots of Status views.

How to increase status views ?

If you also want a lot of views on WhatsApp, then today I will tell you such trick after which your views will start coming.

So read the post well

3 Tips To Increase Whatsapp Status View

Set your WhatsApp 'Status Privacy' to all contacts

Ensure you have enabled everyone in your contact list to see your status, otherwise, your status will only be seen by some and all your contact. You can do that by setting your 'Status Privacy' to 'All Contacts.

Ensure Good Contents On Your Status

When you minimize the media you drop in your status daily and the few you release on it is not good contents, individuals may be irritated and not be triggered to view your status when it pops up. This will reduce the views you get on your status.

Always Reach Out To Your Contacts When You Reinstall Whatsapp

Some occasions may occur when you have to uninstall your WhatsApp application, and as a result, you may lose your status views. You can rectify this by reaching out to your contact you reinstall your WhatsApp application.

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